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Custom Circuit Boards

The manufacture of custom printed circuit boards begins with the circuit development and the preparation of design documents. Based on customer specifications the documents are prepared for batch manufacturing.

Each our customer enjoys individual attention. Our professionals will analyse your order advising on your order’s processability to reduce its price. Our logistics department ensures our printed boards’ perfect packing and delivery to any place in Russia or around the world.

There is a number of ways the circuit layout in a computer programme can be transformed into the lines on the circuit board. If the circuit is simple enough to have three to five elements it would be easier to connect the elements manually. It will simplify the task so the developer can make the drawing easily. More complex circuits are processed with software.

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After transferring the data to the circuit board the design engineer will examine the dimensions of the elements interconnected with electrical lines. The developer will replace these lines with a conductive pattern on the board’s base. Only an expert can calculate the best arrangement of the components and the minimum length of the conductive path. The conductive pattern’s elements, except conductors and contacts, screens and earth bus, are located at a minimum distance from the edge equal to the board’s thickness depending on the components sizes.

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Single piece manufacture of custom printed circuit boards requires clear components specifications. It refers to the circuit element’s icon, the body’s dimensions and the lead identification, the component’s body type , the component’s installation width. The data groups have a detailed description of complex components made up of several elements. Each data group is named by the element type. The information can be stored in individual files or structured in databases. One file contains information on the two sides of the board, the holes arrangement and the board’s basic parameters. The data selected is transformed into an artwork for milling the circuit’s basis and drilling holes.

Individual data groups are also created for new components emerging at the design stage so the designer can keep up his database of all possible elements. With an order for circuit boards the expert will save much time creating the circuit. The circuit development software may contain not only the appropriate file of the board, but also a finished circuit included in the design data set. The circuit drawing itself is stored as a rough version to be reworked and corrected. Strictly systematic data grouping rules out errors during development.

To order customised printed circuit boards from Rubin-Avangard, LLC, simply make an application, and our sales officers will contact you for initial consultation on the project.

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